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Single Origin Varietals

Colombian FNC$14.00 per pound

The Federacion Nacional Colombian coffees are always among the very finest of the Colombian offerings. Turtle Creek Coffee always carries whatever is currently the best available of the current crop year. Recent offerings have included the Spectacled Bear, El Diamante, Glorious, and a most interesting Peaberry. Call or e-mail for details on what is currently on hand.

Costa Rican Tarrazu Micro-Milled, Micro-Lot$15.00 per pound

The Costa Rican Tarrazu coffees are always tangy and bright, with nutty accents and a bittersweet, slightly praline taste. This coffee has a hint of berry, and the body has an elegant silky mouth feel. Turtle Creek Coffee carries only Micro-Lot coffees from Costa Rica, ensuring that whatever is in stock is the very best available. Call or e-mail for details.

Ethiopian Harrar        (Currently Unavailable)

From Ethiopia's famed Harrar region, revered by coffee lovers world wide for its "wild" coffees with their fruit, chocolate and spice notes. This Moka Harrar combines the best of the Western and Eastern Harrars-the fruit and berry notes typical of the west, and the straw notes with the associated rich, thick body more common in the east. A truly stellar Harrar blend.

Ethiopian Washed Limu Wild Tega    (Currently unavailable)

This meticulously washed and sorted "wild" coffee is a stellar example of a true Ethiopian heirloom bean.  It grows at around 1900 meters above sea level, in what many believe to be the first coffee producing zone in history.  In the cup it leans toward fatty maple bacon notes when piping hot, shifting to mango juice soaked cherry pipe tobacco while cooling. This coffee offers a truly rustic elegance. 


Ethiopian Yirgacheffe$15.00 per pound

Yirgacheffes are amazing and unique. Even the grounds of this truly stellar Yirgacheffe offer an exotic, tropical, coconut sort of aroma. With strong floral and stone fruit notes, a very nice body filled with a lemony citrus tone, this coffee is reminiscent of the "Yirgs of Yore", roasted by hand in large iron pots over an open fire. Classic and regal, very deserving of the rich Ethiopian coffee heritage.

Guatemala Antigua $15.00 per pound

Guatemalan coffees are revered for their rich acidity, and smoky full bodied flavor. Antigua is where the first Guatemalan coffees were planted, in the 1740s by the Jesuits, as an ornamental plant in their monasteries. These coffees have complex cupping traits, with great body and sweet rich molasses and chocolate notes. Outstandingly bright in the cup.

Guatemala Acatenango Micro-LotCurrently Unavailable

Acatenango Valley is a hidden jewel in the world of Guatemalan coffees. Since the 1880's, farmers have grown coffee under dense shade, on the foothills of Acatenango volcano. Constant eruptions from nearby Fuego volcano keep the coarse, sandy soils full of minerals. Marked seasons allow coffee to be sun-dried, and processing follows age-old family traditions. Cupping Notes: marked acidity, fragrant aroma, balanced body, and clean, lingering finish.

Guatemala Huehuetenango$15.00 per pound

Guatemalan coffees are revered for their rich acidity, and smoky full bodied flavor. Huehuetenango, an isolated western area, is known for truly fine acidity and unique flavors. This coffee offers very complex cupping traits, with especially spicy and chocolate attributes. Very bright, very complete. A perfectly balanced coffee.

Kauai Extra Prime Reserve(Currently Unavailable)

The leeward slopes of all the Hawaiian Islands offer great climate and soil for growing coffee. Only 250 miles northeast of the famed Kona coffee district, Kauai is subtropical, tempered by the surrounding ocean, and protected from strong winds by the nearby mountains. Relatively cool evenings, light winds, and the ever present low cloud cover allow for slow ripening of the coffee cherries. The oldest of the Hawaiian islands, Kauai's volcanic soils are weathered and slightly acidic-in short, perfect for coffee cultivation! Kauai's unique microclimate is reflected in the cup. Clean and balanced with a medium body, complex aroma, and a rich high-toned acidity. Classic......delicious!

Kenya Special Category Auction Lot$16.00 per pound

Kenyans are never subtle or delicate. Recent crops have shown the smoothest body we have cupped in a long time, along with the clean round notes to be expected of a world class lot of Kenyan AA. While enjoying a cup, note that as the coffee cools, you can taste a range from lemony to peppery to blackberry. Very complex, and truly vibrant. A coffee full of power and character.

Maui Washed Red Catuai$17.00 per pound

Kona gets the glory, the other Hawaiian Islands simply offer a very similar, and wonderful, coffee at a fraction of the price.  This coffee from Maui is mild and clean in the cup, very smooth and gentle.  AS the coffee cools, it reveals its spicy character with hints of cinnamon, allspice and licorice. It has an amazing amount of body not normally found in Hwaiian coffees, offering a light yet silky mouth feel that gives it an extraordinary finish.


Monsooned Malabar$14.00 per pound

One of the most interesting Arabica beans around, this coffee is processed using the moist, Monsoon winds. Tended carefully for several weeks, this process creates a very unique taste profile, similar in the cup to the much more expensive "aged" coffees. Bold, very earthy and full bodied. A very little bit can be added to other coffees for fantastic blends, just be careful, as it can overpower most other coffee beans in short order!

Sumatra Estate Grown $14.00 per pound

Indonesian coffees are almost always described as rich and full-bodied. This Sumatran is especially rich, and worthy of the title "world's heaviest coffee". Not for the faint of heart by any stretch, this is a very bold bean. One of the few truly "gourmet quality" Indonesians, it manages to create a powerful body without sacrificing a sweet spiciness and an exotic herbal character. Call or e-mail for current offering details.

Tanzanian Peaberry$14.00 per pound

Grown on the slope of Mount Kilimanjaro, in the shade of the banana trees, the offerings from Tanzania are especially bright and vibrant in the cup. A very clean coffee, it has an aggressively complex mouth feel, and a rounded body that reaches beyond that of other East African beans. A truly exotic coffee, with a truly exotic taste. Call or e-mail for current offering details.

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