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Daterra Coffees

DaterraDaterra coffees are among the finest in the world, and represent the most socially conscious model on the planet. The brainchild of Luis and Isabel Paschoal, Daterra illustrates how fine coffee production can co-exist with a decent standard of living for the growers and their families. For more information, visit

Rainforest Alliance Utz Kapeh
Rainforest Alliance and Utz Kapeh Certified.

Sweet Blue$15.00 per pound

One of the most interesting coffees to come from our good friends at Daterra, in green coffee form this one has an almost mystical blue sheen. Incredibly smooth and well rounded, this coffee is at its best when brewed at full strength. A French Press will bring out all the finest notes and aromas. Processed naturally, on heat insulated terraced patios, and revolved every three hours until ready for the mill. To further ensure quality, it is packaged in gas flushed foil bags, rather than the traditional jute or burlap.

Bourbon Collection$15.00 per pound

This is a combination of the fruit of red and yellow Bourbon trees. It has a remarkably rich aroma with good acidity and full body. The finish is delicate and clean. It is an ideal selection for preparation as a drip coffee, a great "after dinner" coffee worthy of serving with the finest meal. For a truly full coffee taste experience, try this with a French Press.

Sunrise Blend$14.00 per pound

Blending consists of combining different Arabica varieties and different processing methods in order to achieve acidity, aroma, body and flavor compatible with the target customer's preferences. Daterra's Sunrise Blend consists of 8 different types of Arabica beans, creating a coffee with sweet orange-like citrusy fruit notes, a bright acidity, and a clean crisp finish.

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Award Winning Coffees... Rainforest Alliance and Utz Kapeh Certified. Find out more about these amazing coffees >

Daterra Coffee


Did You Know?
That Finland has the highest per capita rate of coffee consumption ?  In 2002, the average Finn consumed 28 pounds of coffee !

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