Artisian Micro-Roasted ~ Socially Responsible ~ Gourmet Coffees Gourmet Coffee from Turtle Creek Finally the coffee you deserve, straight from the Roast-Master to you.
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Exciting things are coming for Turtle Creek Coffee!! Stay tuned for an upcoming announcement!


Yes, coffee is most definitely an essential item, and Turtle Creek Coffee never stopped delivering the area’s only Exemplary Grade Coffees right to your door – Contactless upon request. Or delivered anywhere in the USA.


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  Blast from the Past:

Flood Relief Coffee Fund Raiser

The Generic Label

Columbia, you’ve been good to Turtle Creek Coffee. And Turtle Creek Coffee wants to help out those affected by the thousand year flood. Pick up a 10 dollar bag of Turtle Creek Flood Relief coffee and 100% of the proceeds will go to local flood relief.

Not only does the full $10 go to flood relief, but … Turtle Creek Coffee has found not one, but two sponsors willing to match the funds ! The first match turns the $10 into $20, and the second one turns the $20 into $40 !  Eileen Blyth's Label Art
The Godzilla Guy's Label Art
This offer is available throughout the Midlands at the following locations : Frame of Mind and Bloom Healing Arts Studio – both in West Columbia; Sweet Cream Company on Main Street Columbia; Silver Spoon Bake Shop on Devine Street; The Local Buzz on Rosewood at Shandon.
Find out more, or arrange for delivery to you or your organization, by calling Mick – Turtle Creek Coffee’s Roast Master – at 803-361-6425. And a special thanks to the artists that provided us with these beautiful labels – Sean McGuiness, Eileen Blyth, Steven Warrick and Cait Maloney. Steve Warrick's Label Art
Turtle Creek Coffee is devoted to one thing – providing you with the very best coffee possible.

Owner operated, Turtle Creek Coffee is the only roaster in South Carolina offering the very finest coffee beans available, delivering them to you direct from the Roast Master.

TurtleThe very best coffee, delivered to your home or office, for a price surprisingly low… in many cases only pennies more than the stale, over roasted, lower quality beans primarily available in this area being marketed as “specialty” or “gourmet” coffees.

One cup of my fine coffees will convince you that these claims are real.

Thanks for visiting… come on in and find out more.

Mick Carnett, Roast Master
Turtle Creek Coffee,
South Carolina's Premier Roaster of Gourmet Specialty Coffees

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Award Winning Coffees... Rainforest Alliance and Utz Kapeh Certified. Find out more about these amazing coffees >

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Did You Know?
That Finland has the highest per capita rate of coffee consumption ?  In 2002, the average Finn consumed 28 pounds of coffee !

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